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Professional background

Miriam works professionally as a content manager.  She provides strategic consultancy for large and small websites, along with hands-on editing and writing. She works alone, or leading small teams (co-located and remote) to create content that consistently wins praise for being clear, succinct, targetted – and accessible. Miriam runs High Country Content and is managing editor and publisher at extempore.


Clients include: Victorian Department of Health & Human Services, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources, Deakin University, Charles Sturt University, Ladoo Pty Ltd, Major Street Publishing

Miriam provides web content services to a number of artists and small arts organisations including: Mike Nock, Paul Grabowsky, Arts Council of Mansfield, Vanessa Lucas

An unusual beginning

At the age of 12, Miriam’s parents ‘went bush’ moving the family out of Melbourne to 16 ha of bush in East Gippsland. They called the place Malemijo. Find out what’s behind the name on the Malemijo website.

And while home schooling wasn’t exactly legal at the time (1976), Mario and Lesley decided to teach Miriam and her brother Joe – outside the school system. From the age of 13, Miriam learned maths, physics, French, geography at home. She continued her practice of the flute and recorder; taught herself the basics of botany to document the bush around her (as she fell in love with it) and learned artisan skills such as dry rock walling, bush carpentry, bread baking, preserving, tanning, basic blacksmithing and how to work in pewter and silver. During those years on their bush property,  the family worked toward living a life that was more self determined than had been possible in the city. They grew their own food, with goats and chooks as well as fruit and vegetables. They bartered with the next door farmer for the occasional half sheep, and Miriam’s mother took on some teaching at the local high school.

And yet, there was a dark side. At 18, Miriam decided it was impossible for her to stay, even though she knew her life was at risk if she tried to leave.

When she left home, Miriam was running. And that decision to leave was one that took more courage than she knew she had. At that moment, she risked everything. She made a choice to fight for her freedom and was prepared to die for it if necessary. The decision changed her life.

In the period after leaving home, Miriam joined Kenja, the notorious offshoot of the Church of Scientology – and the subject of the 2008 documentary Beyond Our Ken. After extracting herself from Kenja, Miriam started researching cults and realised that her experience at Kenja and her experience on the family property both ticked all the boxes as cults. She realised that her own family had been a type of cult.

And thus began a journey of recovery and discovery that continues to this day as Miriam tries to live a life without fear, practicing meditation and mindfulness, living a life committed to staying open, saying ‘yes’ and celebrating vulnerability.

Miriam’s search has led her to jobs as a nanny and a dishwasher, stints on community radio, an attempt to ride around Australia on a 185 cc trailbike, three years living in the USA, completion of undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in languages and linguistics and a Masters in Creative writing.

Miriam is a writer, with a published novel and essays in Griffith ReviewAustralian Book Review, the Sleepers Almanac and more. She owns and runs web content company High Country Content, is the publisher and editor at the independent publisher extempore, and proudly supports the arts – in particular literature and jazz & improvised music –  through involvement with a number of arts organisations.


Book Miriam to speak at your next event

Miriam is available to speak to small and large groups. Her range is diverse, from small writing workshops to inspirational keynote. She also facilitates panel discussions and conducts on-stage interviews for festivals.

Workshops, seminars, talks on a range of topics

Keynote: choosing courage

A motivational keynote on the power of choice. Based on her own experiences with family’s unique self-sufficiency ‘experiment’ at their Gippsland property, Miriam shares what drove her to make the hardest decision of her life – between risking her own life by leaving; and a continuing nightmare of violence and psychological cruelty if she stayed. In this uplifting story, Miriam shares the surprising result of making what seemed to be a ‘no win’ decision. She describes the gifts that come from the hardest choices. Audiences are inspired to see their own difficult choices in a new light, as Miriam relates her own experience with wit,  humour and wisdom.

Workshop/Seminar: writing better web content

Is your writing team getting your web content right?  This presentation is available in seminar or workshop format, with or without audience participation. Covers the basics of effective web content, including style, length, SEO and accessibility.

Workshop: short stories from life

Short workshops for up to 12 participants with a focus on how to create short fiction from real life experience.

Festival events: panel facilitation and on-stage interviews

Miriam is a popular facilitator at festival events with recent appearances at Melbourne International jazz Festival (interviewing Charles Lloyd and Maria Farantouri), Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues (onstage interviews with Gerald Clayton and  Enrico Rava) the Capital jazz project (facilitating a panel discussion on music criticism). She has also appeared on panels at Byron Bay Writers Festival and Sydney Writers Festival.


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