Miriam’s famous blog template

Blogging takes time and effort. But done well, it can be such a great way to reach and retain an audience. 

I’ve created a template that helps you make sure your blog makes an impact – so you can carry on doing the great work you do, creating meaning and beauty in the world.

A blog is not just a blog

It might surprise you to know that the words (or video, or infographic) in your blog article are not the only ways your blog works on your behalf. 

Behind the scenes, the most effective articles have some special features that help the article appear higher in Google search results, bring more people to the website and keep them there for just a little bit longer.  

And this might sound harsh but… if you create a blog post and you ignore these features, you’ve wasted a lot of your valuable time and energy. 

Want to make your blog work harder? I’ve created a template (with helpful guidance) that you can have for free. 

The template is a Google doc. If you need it in a different format, please contact me.

So you’ve already committed to a blog, right?  You know why you’re blogging? Great. If you’re not sure, read this post first… ‘Why blog?’

To recap… If you’re an author, musician, visual artist or small business owner, your blogs are a powerful way to promote what you do. Your blog posts can cement your authority and validate your expertise, help you understand what your audience enjoys, drive traffic to your website, encourage newsletter signups and provide inspiration for your future newsletter content and social media posts. 

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