“Miriam Zolin has a succinct and deceptively simple way of voicing complex and profound aspects of the human condition.” Lily Brett

Tristessa & Lucido is an emotionally powerful book that is at the same time gentle and wise. Miriam Zolin, in addressing some of the great existential questions, quietly affirms for the reader that all life is worth living.

cover of novel tristessa & lucido, green with image of open wing

Tristessa & Lucido is currently out of print.

“And then, in the hum and bustle of Linklatters on a Saturday night, there is Aubrey, though you don’t know his name yet. You suppose he knows the Princess because he walks towards the two of you with purpose. The first thing you notice about him is the way the light attaches itself to his ragged edges. It takes you by surprise to see the light of him, to see him shining in this place.”

Theney Fairweather has a gift – she can take away your pain. Yet it’s a gift with a price. Theney travels halfway around the world to escape from who she is to find friendship, love and a way to make sense of who she is.